So, you want your trains to tweet
and your toasters to talk?

We can make it happen.

Our Company

We’re an army of software developers and hardware hackers with backgrounds in design, engineering, and development. As a longtime partner for progressive CIOs, CTOs, and other enterprise stakeholders, we have produced mission-critical technology for some of the largest brands and organizations on the planet.

Among other places, our team members have worked at the Department of Defense, the National Security Administration, Google, and Amazon.


Home Automation

A huge retailer wants to be a tech company—they called us for advice.


They make great race cars; we make great software.


The process used to take days—now it takes minutes.


A certain space agency cares—a lot—about exactly what's inside their building.


Turns out $500 devices can replace $500,000 ones.


8 billion dollars a year must be protected—at the cash wrap.

The Internet of Things is Here

The world of connected devices is not just coming, it’s here. Cisco calls the Internet of Things a $14 trillion dollar industry by the end of the decade. Intelligent devices are already here; in 2010, non-sentient/non-smartphone devices created more internet traffic than actual humans.

Machine to machine communication is set to revolutionize every business model. More efficiencies are to be had. More profits are sought. Plus, it’s fun.

Partner with Mechanical I/O

To get started, we’ll unpack your hardware and software needs, inject our creative technology expertise, and build out working prototypes.

Mechanical I/O is your one stop for Internet of Things consulting, planning, and prototyping. Get your project started.

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